PGI software specification:

Minimum system requirements: 1 Ghz, 512Mb, Windows 2000/XP

Description: Client/server software which is designed to operate on two separate computers connected by LAN or a simple network cable. The server runs as a NT service interrogating outstations (car park controllers, car detectors, etc.) and relaying information to variable message signs. Users can control and manage the system through a GUI application.


  • Modular plugin adapter architecture for communication with foreign hardware.
  • Secure Windows NT service application.
  • Fully configurable for every type of parking situation.
  • Ability to communicate with car park controller outstation and car detectors.
  • Serial or TCP/IP communications or wireless.
  • Configuration of car parks, counters, signs.
  • Error/event reporting through user interface messages.
  • User can create (parking) information and tasks through wizards which provide guidance.
  • Graphical user interface in urban area configuration is Microsoft Mappoint based which provides a detailed mapping display.
  • Detailed tasking e.g. reconcile spacecount of car park at Easter! Or timed repeated tasks of reconcile spacecount.
  • Can be run on a single computer.
  • Software can be branded to your own needs.

Image of example configuration: